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Adversity is not something that everyone knows how to handle🧐. Luckily ASA x MUBS created an online event where they talked about the ways to overcome adversity and provide women with guidance as to how to deal with discrimination within the workplace🤩.

Thanks to our panellists, Rakin Hasan from Deloitte, Lennox Hemmingway from EY, and Kali Jurkschat from Loan Market Group.


Keep your eyes our for more events like this one❗️

After a year-long break from events due to COVID, Macquarie University Business Society is excited to announce its return with the eagerly anticipated cruise around the breath-taking Sydney Harbour on Friday 16th of April, starting from 7PM.

This event includes a 4-hour cruise catered with mouth-watering food and drinks. This cruise will also have a live DJ, a professional photographer to capture your unforgettable night, and so much more! - what else could you ask for? This will be an amazing opportunity to not only fully see and appreciate the beauty of Sydney Harbour, but also meet other students.


The theme of the cruise is Naughty and Nice. So prepare your spicy or virtuous outfits - up to you.😈 😇 

In March, MUBS held our Careers in Business Panel organised by our Professional Events team led by Professional Events Director Shivani Reddy.💼📊

The evening provided students with opportunities to learn about career pathways and make connections with their studies and the tools they will need to succeed in the industry. Students were able to gain knowledge of what kind of skill sets are common to most careers as well as how to be more appealing as a candidate for future positions. Through this face-to-face networking event, speakers were also to interact with our high performing and motivated students. 👩‍💼

Thanks to our panellists, Alexandra Coorey, Alexandra Book, Nicholas Ma, and moderator Dr Troy Sarina.

Keep your eyes out for more events like this one❗️

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